Hayley Idensohn


Hayley is a seasoned professional who had her inspirational introduction to the tourism industry 25 years ago at Green Route, southern Africa’s globally acclaimed Destination Management Company. That truly was starting out at the most demanding and creative cutting-edge in the industry. She was exhilarated by the challenge, to shun the mundane and ordinary, and rose to General Manager.


In planning a client’s programme two credos were sacrosanct and they remain etched deep in her soul: “Excellence is in the Detail” and “Where is the Magic?” No lofty boasts, just the promise to her clients that she will plan and deliver the best, and often surprising, solutions in addition to sharing her exuberance and deep knowledge of Southern Africa.

Hayley has also worked for some exclusive Safari Camps and has set up tour divisions for two large travel companies. She is a former president of the Harare branch of the global tourism club, SKAL, and is proud to always follow their ethos.


In her private time, Hayley loves gardening, pottery and reflexology and is deeply passionate about protecting our wildlife and birds in Zimbabwe.

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